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cape splitHello,  my name is ward brubacher. I have always enjoyed nature and growing up spent as much time as possible roaming the woods and getting to know the land. As I grew older my love of nature endured. My wife, Mae, and I are trying to live as close to nature as we can. We both love the outdoors and spend much of our time there. We both have a great love of plants,trees and all growing things. So when our children were grown and it was time to build our last house we decided it was time to get back to basics. Build with our own hands , make our own power and live as sustainably as possible.


our home

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chainsaw mill So nine years ago my wife,Mae,and I decided to build a small square timbered house in the middle of our 14 acres. Because we loved our woods we wanted to place our house doing as little damage to the surroundings as possible and make  it look like it had been there for years…It would be built into a bank facing south with the back wall 8′ underground for protection from the north wind. We bought an old tractor, log winch and a chain saw mill. Over the next year we dragged out the logs ( mostly wind blown and dead standing spruce) milled them and build the shell of our house. We then covered it in tar paper and left it for the winter. The next year we finished the roof with insulation, shingles and four skylights. we had moved into one room the previous winter and roughed it for a few months so this was a definite improvement. The third year we milled the board and batons for the outside wall and finished it. now we were really ready to move in… We lived the first eight months with no power at all but when the shorter days of fall came along we invested in a 3′ by 5′ solar panel and batteries and hooked up our lights and stereo. The t.v. and DVD player came along later. By choice our water is still supplied by a hand pump in the kitchen. Some people will look at this as a  hardship but if you want to cut down on wasting  water   that ‘s one of the ways to do it. Also our bathroom runs on a composting system that does not use water. So here we are enjoying our little dream home surrounded by our lovely woodland and large garden with no power bill.

Its not something everyone can do because you still have to make a living and its hard to spend so much time away from your job. Luckily for us, my wife and I run a small business called Discover Forest Landscaping. We make small walking paths(with rustic log benches and little foot bridges where necessary) for people to make their property accessible and enjoyable to be on. Their land becomes more valuable to them because their woods are no longer this huge place where they could get lost, now they go into it willingly to get away from the stresses of the day, listen to the birds and maybe see some rabbits or deer.




our work

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natural tree archFourteen years ago my wife and I started our small business called ‘Discover Forest Landscaping’ 1-902-754-0996. The idea for it came from the work I was doing on my own land and my dissatisfaction with my job. Also I knew that there must be quite a number of forest-land owners, like myself, whose interest in managing their property was more in the areas of recreation, wildlife observation and aesthetics that it was  in merely ‘growing pulp for the companies’. Many of these owners would be  busy in their own careers and have limited time available to address some of the issues and demands their properties should attract . Since I have both the interest and technical background to deal with these issues forest landscaping seemed like a logical thing to try.

Did you know that a forest is a whole lot more than just a woodlot. It is home to countless varieties of wildlife, insects, trees and plants. It protects the most important element essential  to life…..Water. If you get to know and enjoy your own forest land as we have ours you will discover a healthier, happier existence.   The careful placement of a nature trail ( with a few added benches and perhaps a small footbridge) provides you with comfortable recreational access to your woods where you will discover a peaceful place to escape the stresses of every day life and enjoy harmony with nature. Your woodland can become an enchanted place.

enjoying the view

nature around us

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We  know and value the land that we live on. There are so many wonderful things to see. my garden Some we did our selves like our flower gardens…otherslady slippers mother nature puts in our way if we will only take the time to lookbard owl in our yard


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I learned to carve a few years ago and it has become a very enjoyable  pastime as well as a great addition to our work.scan10002 

As well as doing some carvings for our own gardens and in some of the old dead trees we have made carved wood spirits for other people and added names and designs to the back rests of our benches.scan10003scan10005


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